Search Engine Optimization

For the best web presence in today’s market

Businesses need a robust Search Engine Optimization(SEO) strategy. Gone are the days when a business was set apart by throwing up a slick website and passing out a few business cards. By looking at a few statistics behind SEO, we can see how important it is in giving your brand a competitive advantage. SEO is vital in maintaining high search engine rankings which, in turn, drives customers to the services or products your company provides.

WebCAB Design focuses on the most important factors in SEO:


SEO begins with a logical layout and design that improves the user-friendliness of your website while assisting search engine crawlers in indexing and cataloging your site’s content. This comes standard in any of our Web Design services.


The most important factor in SEO and the only healthy, organic way to build a dynamic web presence that will boost your business. WebCAB makes this the primary focus in any of its SEO work. By working with a customer’s vision, we carefully craft fresh content that appeals both to customers and to search engines alike. Our in-house editing team ensures that everything is written and edited to perfection.

Social Media

Along with a website and SEO, any business who wants to capture and open dialogue with their customers will need a strong Social Media presence. Standard in any SEO campaign will be setting up of your brand’s profile on various Social Media outlets. webCAB works primarly works with Facebook, Google Plus, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Twitter.


The most reputable websites are linked back to by other websites as a trusted source of information. Search engines value these backlinks highly when they rank your website against others. While there are less than ethical ways to quickly build an array of backlinks, search engines have gotten better at penalizing sites that use these ‘black hat’ methods. At webCAB we keep everything on the up-and-up. By focusing on healthy and organic link building, we ensure your company gets the most recognition while maintaining a clean reputation. Healthy links are related to new and updated content (see Content above).

Teachnical SEO

webCAB doesnt use content management systems like, Wordpress, joomla, etc... to build and maintain its sites. All of our websites (not web apps) are built from the ground up and pre-compiled before pushing live. We have develped tools that we use in house to output your site in the most optimized way possible for browsers to load fast, and users to get what they want when they make that click. This includes images and dyanmic content.